Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

CBD Oil – Why is It So Expensive

If you have never used CBD oil and you look at the prices, you might be put off by the cost. It’s understandable to be hesitant about spending your hard-earned money on something you’ve never tried.

The word value comes to mind when you are choosing a quality CBD oil, which translates into a more expensive oil than the cheap ones. There are people out there who have tried the cheap CBD products, which opened their eyes to the value of opting to spend the money to get the better quality.

CBD Oil – Finding Value

The top brands can cost several hundred dollars for one bottle if you want to make the investment. The goal is to find pure CBD oil, but you can find it for much less than that. Value is the balance between cost and quality, which is what you want to find in this type of product.

CBD oil that comes from the hemp plant is not a complicated product, so you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on it. That kind of expense should be exclusive to highly-regulated prescription THC medications. Thanks to the regulations of the pharmaceutical industry, virtually any prescription medication is going to cost.

The average cost for high-quality CBD hemp oil ranges between about $26 to over $200 depending on how much and which brand you choose. Another option would be to seek out coupons to try some out before you dedicate yourself to a brand.

CBD Oil – Making the Right Choice


The expense relates to the quality of the CBD oil you buy, but you can find the best without paying over $100 for a bottle. Even if it’s effective for you, that’s excessive.

Here are some things to consider before spending a dime on CBD oil.

How Many Milligrams?

You need to know that the milligrams number on the bottle refers to the full contents of the bottle, not a serving or dosage. Read labels and calculate exactly how many milligrams will be in a dose. Here is a guideline:

  • 10 ml translates into 10 grams (10g)
  • The label says it has 3 percent CBD
  • 10 g translates into 10,000 milligrams (10,000 mg)
  • 3 percent of 10,000 mg translates into 300 milligrams (300 mg) of pure CBD oil in that bottle.

*Not all bottles contain the same percent or CBD.

Beware of Cheap Prices

Do not sacrifice quality for price when buying CBD oil. You will be unhappy with the product. Instead, do your research and find a product with an ample concentration of CBD in it to get the best results. Quality CBD normally costs between $50 and $90 for 300 mg.

Check for the Non-THC Stamp

CBD is not the compound that gets you high. That’s THC. The problem with extraction is that it’s difficult to separate THC and CBD. It takes expertise, skill, and the proper technology to do that. Make sure you look at the label for the Non-THC stamp.

Avoid Wild Claims

If you are looking at a brand that makes wild claims about how CBD oil is a cure-all for everything that ails you, just step away from it.

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The fact is that every extract is different and come from different types such as Indica and Sativa. Some extracts are designed to work better for some conditions than others. Read that fine print on the bottle. If the company has a list of the medical conditions their CBD oil is designed for, buyer beware.

Honesty and Transparency

Due to the popularity of CBD hemp oil, the wow factor is in full force. Part of researching a product means going to the company website to look at how they extract, test, and what chemical process they use to manufacture their oil.

If they are upfront about their process and ingredients, they are being transparent about their product and that’s a good thing. However, if they are just promoting with the wow factor without much information about the product, again, buyer beware.

Safety First

The fact that CBD oil is non-addictive, natural, safe, and produces “no adverse health effects”, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), does not mean there aren’t poor quality, low-grade, cheaply made products on the market. They often use harmful chemical solvents that you should steer clear from.

Pure, solvent-free CBD hemp oil is what you’re looking for in this product. It should be extracted from raw hemp using the CO2 extraction process. Yes. You will pay more for this kind of product, but you know what you’re getting and it’s worth the value.

Choosing your CBD oil should never be about getting the cheapest price, but about getting the best value, which includes safety.

Affordable & Safe CBD Companies

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts about CBD Oil Prices

This article should have provided enough information and explanations about CBD oil and why it can be expensive. The difficulty in separating CBD and THC from a product requires more time and effort, which translates to more company expense. The quality of the extraction process for high-quality brands is another factor that goes into the price.

Your objective is to be aware that there are unscrupulous companies in the industry (like all industries) that just want your money and couldn’t care less about your safety or health. They just want to sell products that are cheaply made. Avoid them for your own safety.

Also, avoid buying cannabis oil that has no CBD in it at all. Hempseed oils and products don’t usually contain CBD. That is what makes those products so cheap.

If you want to use CBD oil for its therapeutic properties, you may as well get the high-quality products. Depending on your needs, you can find CBD products in oil/drops form, capsules, or even topical creams and serums.

The main thing to take away from this information is not to skimp on your CBD oil. Spend the money to get the best and most effective product you can find at the most affordable price. Remember the concept of value when you buy CBD hemp oil.

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  1. I think that it’s worth paying a high price for a good quality product. Especially if it’s something that you use for medicinal purposes. I’m purchasing all of my CBD oils from Terahemp. I find that they have got the best quality to price ratio. And their customer service is pretty amazing.

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