Buddha CBD Teas Review

Buddha CBD Teas Review

The CBD industry is one of the biggest natural health industries to date, and it’s only getting bigger. More and more people are getting excited by the fact that there’s now a natural alternative to prescription medication – and you don’t have to get high when you take it.

There’s plenty of evidence online to suggest that CBD is truly an effective option for many different health conditions, including depression, insomnia, and chronic pain.

The industry wouldn’t be so big if it weren’t for the hundreds of companies now trying to sell their own version of CBD – but you can’t buy from them all.

Let’s review one and decide whether we recommend them or not.

Buddha CBD Teas Review

Purity 6.0
Strength 6.0
Service 7.0
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 5.0

A Review of Buddha CBD Teas

If you’re looking for a CBD company that has a passion for sustainability, you may want to check out Buddha Teas. In fact, sustainability seems to be their main focus and shines through every step of their process to make their final product.

As well as their honest, well thought out organic ingredients, they have also made sure that their packaging is environmentally friendly. What’s more is they’ve created a CBD tea that is water soluble, which of course means that it’s high in bioavailability. How absorbable a CBD product is seems to be the new goal to strive for with CBD companies, and it appears that Buddha Teas has achieved this to a certain extent.

John Boyd is the name behind this CBD brand. He started Buddha Teas in 2006 when he realized how difficult it was to find health teas on the market that were largely untouched by the manufacturing process. His particular focus was on making the production process sustainable and ethical – which is the opposite of many tea companies still out there today.

As you can imagine, Buddha Teas are 100% organic, and their packaging is 100% recyclable. They currently sell their original line of teas alongside their CBD line, which is increased in popularity over the past couple of years. Their teas fall into four categories: peppermint, turmeric, ginger, and chamomile.

Within each tea bag, you will get a small amount of CBD that’s water soluble. One of the most interesting things about this tea brand is that they are currently the only company in the U.S. that is making tea with CBD as an ingredient that’s water soluble. This makes them a pretty innovative business.

Another thing that we like about Buddha Teas is that they give back to the environment by pledging to plant 5000 trees a year through the National Forest Foundation. We love that not only are they claiming to be passionate about keeping every aspect of their business sustainable, but they’re also following through with this with their actions.

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There is one aspect of this company that we can’t get on board with, however. While everything else checks out, we couldn’t seem to find any lab test results for their products. Posting lab test results online is an essential part of making sure that your customers feel safe about taking your product.

Lab tests look for contaminants, as well as the concentration of CBD. Without evidence of this, there’s no way to tell whether their products are safe for consumption or not.

Buddha Teas Alternatives

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Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

Buddha Teas appear to be as ethically-minded as they come, which we could see a lot more of in an industry that’s largely unregulated.

There are many companies out there who just claim to be organic, but their products don’t reflect this. Buddha Tea’s products do, so you can guarantee that what you’re getting is not only natural but high quality as well.

However, without any lab test results online, we have no way of knowing whether their products are safe. As we said, this is an unregulated industry, so it’s up to the customer to notice if a company isn’t posting Certificates of Analysis.

While we love what these guys stand for, we can’t condone them as a company without CoA’s.

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