Build Your Empire University Review 2024– Is It Worth It?

Build Your Empire University Review 2022– Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking to learn a new skill and start an online side hustle, chances are you’ve come across Build Your Empire University. 

A Full Review of Build Your Empire University

However, you may be wary of signing up instantly. After all, today’s market is overloaded with study courses and technical learning academies that claim to teach you everything you need to know to become successful online.

And most of these endeavors just charge you a hefty sum to provide a few training videos with no new content.

While being concerned is totally normal, the story of Build Your Empire University is quite different.

This joint venture of Ashley Taylor and Brodie SalNitro offers 100+ training videos, one-on-one communication, affiliate programs, and much more, starting at a measly $1. 

This might sound too good to be true, but I tried Build Your Empire University’s robust training program and had an excellent experience. The countless 5-star reviews prove it too.

Not only is Build Your Empire legit, but its teaching programs are exceedingly effective.

If you’re interested in creating an online business empire for yourself, Build Your Empire University is an excellent resource. 

If you’re curious about the hundreds of resources Build Your Empire University has to offer and how they work or simply want a thorough review of the courses offered, keep on reading.

What Does Build Your Empire University Do?

Build Your Empire University

At its core, Build Your Empire University is an online training service whose main goal is to transform people’s way of earning.

Instead of having to work a tiring 9-to-5 corporate job, the skills you learn through Build Your Empire University can be used to build your online presence and attract customers using paid ads, sales pitches, etc.

You can earn through commission-based sales, network marketing, and more.

The biggest advantage you get from signing up for Build Your Empire University is that they offer extensive tutoring that people starting from scratch can follow. There’s no requirement for you to have experience in sales or marketing.

In fact, you don’t need to have an online presence at all. I had an easy time understanding the training videos because of it.

While you may find several other courses that teach similar stuff, the striking difference is that Build Your Empire University is that it actually delivers- and it’s verified by an active community of people who completed their courses and set examples of how to run an online business successfully.

How Much Does Build Your Empire University Cost You?

Through Build Your Empire University you get hundreds of regularly updated training videos, meetings with coaches, and a business launch blueprint.

You also get paid advertising guide and your first sales task. Copywriting and social media handling sessions are also included.

All of this is available for $99 a month. That’s correct- all the services Build Your Empire University offers are actually incorporated in their modular system for this low cost.

But what takes the cake is a $1 entry fee for a trial week. Sounds unrealistic, right? I thought so too.

When I signed up with my dollar, I was curious to see whether this claim was true or not- and to my surprise, I got a whole week of access to training videos, two weekly live meetings, and access to the private Facebook group without restrictions.

I didn’t get charged any hidden fee either. However, once the trial week is over, you’ll be charged $99 for the next 30 days.

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Build Your Empire University has an easy cancellation policy as well. If you decide at any point that learning sales, marketing, copywriting, and other skills aren’t for you, you can cancel any time.

There are no camouflaged clauses either. Plus, it’s simple to cancel anytime and get your money back.

Build Your Empire Training Modules

Build Your Empire University

Build Your Empire University’s comprehensive training programs are split into modules.

These modules are independent sessions, but they tie in through the main goal of helping you start a successful online business. Modules break up information, streamlining it for easy comprehension.

If you’re still wondering whether or not Build Your Empire University courses are worth your while, understanding their modular system can be beneficial to making a decision.

Just a heads up, if you’ve done related courses before, you may feel like you’re learning nothing groundbreaking at the start.

You might gain some valuable insight or added info that other business models don’t convey, but that’s it.

But trusting the process is an important aspect of learning through a modular system. The course is quite progressive, and you go into finer detail after the first couple of weeks.

The initial training basically sets the ideal base for constructing the building of detailed tips and tricks later on.

Plus, most other academies and models only convey theories. Here, you learn to put your knowledge to practice as well.

There are 5 main knowledge-packed modules you must complete, after which your course is finished.

Module 1- Mindset

Build Your Empire University Module One

The first module consists of 3 videos, focused on online trends, opportunities, and the journey you’ll undertake at Build Your Empire University, as well as your overall mindset.

You’ll also discuss entrepreneurship. Motivation is key, and this module gets you pumped up in no time.

Module 2- Discovery Process

Build Your Empire University Module Two

The next module focuses on personal development and growth. You learn success stories and get worksheets that help you pick realistic goals for your future business.

If you can’t seem to put your mind to work or feel overwhelmed with the idea of owning a business, this module will help a lot.

Module 3- Business Blueprint

Build Your Empire University Module Three

The third module shifts your focus towards practical examples and experiences of how to formulate and implement a business strategy.

There’s also a discussion on finances, and inspiring stories from people who went on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

Module 4- Coaching Call

Build Your Empire University Module Four

This is the module to put you into action. First, you discuss the general perks of affiliate marketing and insight into social media’s role.

Then you discuss realistic goals and what you need to do to begin your venture. It prepares you perfectly for the main module, which is up next.

Module 5- 30-Day Sprint

Build Your Empire University Module Five

You’re slowly led to the last module, and it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. The 30-day sprint is quite literally sprinting through a plethora of information jam-packed into a month.

The core focus is steps to establish your online business, sales, marketing, and building a future online empire.

The training will be delivered by subject-matter experts, so you know the info you’re learning is updated and relevant.

They will teach you everything from building social media presence, setting up affiliate profiles, and getting customers to marketing, copywriting, and running paid ads.

And don’t worry, the sprint module has 4 sub-modules that convey the information and practical knowledge in an interesting yet streamlined way. Even the hour-long training videos will go by in a breeze. 

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I found the step-by-step sub-module approach to be extremely practical. And it was the most fun module for me as well.

Other Major Pros Of Build Your Empire University


Most people quit their dream of starting an online business simply because online training academies tend to make it hard to navigate websites and courses.

Knowing this, Build Your Empire University created its website and programs with usability in mind.

You simply need Wifi and a computer. You can also access all these features through your mobile.

You can sign up using their website. It has a sleek and simple design and is easy to navigate. If you go into the training videos sections, you’ll find the content arranged depending on your module.

The videos themselves are comprehensive and concise. They don’t gloss over anything, and any questions or objections can be shared with coaches during the meetings.

The videos have lessons that follow a branching path methodology- you cover the basics first, then videos branch out into details, where extra content is present for each branch.

You won’t find any irrelevant fluff either.

Community Experience

This is a pro everyone gets access to as soon as you just sign up with your one-dollar fee.

Whilst most courses enroll you in a Facebook group that sees little to no activity, or where participants share irrelevant info, that’s not the case with Build Your Empire University.

I discovered their Facebook group to be quite active with dedicated and engaged members.

It’s a perfect communication outlet if you can’t access a specialty coach, need advice from other students or want to share valuable experiences with someone.

Members make sure nobody feels alone in their entrepreneurial journey. 

Coach Expertise

Along with an active social media community, you gain access to a personal expert coach, who helps you shape your path to success. You can bounce ideas to your coach any time, and ask questions related to videos as well.

Build Your Empire University focuses on efficiency, especially during the sprint module, so keeping in touch with a coach is really helpful.

BYEU Review Summary

To sum up, Build Your Empire University is a glowing opportunity to learn technical skills such as marketing, running ads, social media handling, etc, all of which are necessary to establish and run a successful online business.

You get access to tons of training material, an active members community, expert coaches, business blueprints, and much more, starting at $1. 

My experience with the site was overwhelmingly positive, so if you want to start an online venture and can commit to a 3 to 6-month training packed with knowledge, Build Your Empire University is definitely worth your while.

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