CBD Is Not Addictive Nor Dangerous (New WHO Report)

New WHO Report Shows CBD Is Not Addictive Nor Dangerous

Who Are The World Health Organisation?

The World Health Organisation are a section of the United Nations who’s main concern is public health. The WHO release report on public health matters such as Pathogens, vaccines and medicine.

They provide researched based evidence to allow countries and their health authorities to make decisions about public health, drug legislation and preventative measures.

What Is The Cannabidiol Report?

The World Health Organisation have released a ground breaking report which is solely directed at the use of CBD and how using it is neither addictive nor dangerous.

The document is an extensive research paper, with the results and conclusions thoroughly backed up through significant data, extensive population size, solid methogological approach to gathering evidence and academic rigor.

A report such as this into the effects of CBD in terms of addictiveness and danger has not been undertaken on such a scale before. This is why the report is ground breaking and why we need to listen to the conclusions that have been drawn.

What Does The Cannabidiol Report Mean?


The World Health Organisation are at the forefront of medical research, drug application and all other health related research. The World Health Organisation (WHO) provide the research for members of the UN to base their health and drug laws on.

From the evidence gathered and reports generated, international leaders make decisions based on the conclusions from the WHO and legislate accordingly.

This is what makes the Cannabidiol report a totally ground breaking report. It has concluded that the CBD compound is not dangerous for use on humans and nor is addictive.

The results mean that international leaders are now faced with evidence demonstrating that use of CBD in their citizens is a safe practice.

What Does The Cannabidiol Report Specifically Say About CBD?

The report from the EDCC under WHO states‘ CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential’ meaning that as a compound CBD is not addictive.

The report goes further to say ‘CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile’ and ends with the statement ‘To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD’.

These three statements clearly demonstrate that CBD is a safe, non-addictive and non-dangerous product.

So Why is CBD Oil Still Illegal In Some Places?

A plethora of countries still outlaw CBD and other cannabis derivative products due to the compound THC. While there are 421 compounds within the female cannabis plant, THC is the psychoactive compound. It is this compound that legislators want to limit public access to, so it may be that further from this report that CBD isolates only become legal later on down the line.

What Does CBD Do?


CBD has a vast array of benefits, from medicinal, pain relief, therapeutic just to name a few. Whilst the report is arguing for CBD to be able to be accessed by the public in the interest of health, this would be in an isolated format.

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Full spectrum oils, such as those that have THC are not subject to this report, thus the laws and legislation governing THC and other Cannabis compounds will frustratingly stay the same.

What Does The Cannabidiol Report Mean for Future Legislation?

The future of legislation for the use of CBD is hazy at best. The current legislation across different countries is an exceptionally grey and murky area.

In some countries, CBD is legal as long as certain conditions are met, such as the strain the CBD is produced from, who produces it and how the public can access it. In other places, it is still illegal as it is a cannabis product.

Whilst this report may not change laws and legislation instantly, it may help people with medical conditions gain access to CBD oil as it is still illegal in some countries and states. Likewise, it may also increase production in other places to allow for a fairer market and stop organisations having a monopoly.

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In conclusion, the WHO report offers new and extensive evidence to world leaders that CBD is safe, non addictive and can provide health benefits to millions of people.

Whilst this report doesn’t cover the other compounds in cannabis and how they can be used as therapeutic treatments, it makes solid leaps forward in CBD being accepted globally as a medicine.

Whilst the laws and legislation governing CBD and other Cannabis compounds are still dated, the WHO report is starting to make headway and make health authorities and leaders think that it would be a benefit to their population if it was made readily available.

Hopefully more research will be conducted into full spectrum CBD oils, so everyone can feel the benefits.

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