Prime My Body Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Prime My Body Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

CBD oil is number one in the health industry right now. With many states in the U.S. passing the marijuana bill, farmers are now free to cultivate, grow and sell plants that can be turned into effective, natural remedies.

This has meant an increase in the number of businesses jumping on the bandwagon, excited at the prospect of being a part of a booming industry.

However, not every business you’ll come across is worth associating with.

Let’s take a look at one of these companies and give them a review.

Prime My Body Review

Purity 4.0
Strength 5.0
Service 1.0
Price 4.0
Consumer Reviews 1.0


  • Effective products


  • It's a Multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme
  • Highly sales orientated
  • There's better products on the market
  • Expensive

A Review of Prime My Body

Prime My Body logo

If you’re someone who is well-versed in the taking of CBD oil and you’re looking for a new way to do it, you’re going to want to check out Prime My Body.

At the forefront of the CBD oil revolution, they’re best known for innovative products that help with the absorption of the oil.

This includes a liposomal delivery system where cannabinoids are encapsulated in a certain way to make it super easy on your body when it comes to getting them into your system.

However, there’s a catch, as there usually is. Prime My Body isn’t just looking to sell you innovative CBD oil products – they also want you to become an advocate of the Prime My Body lifestyle. This means that they are on the lookout for affiliates who will, in layman’s terms, sell their products for them for a small commission.

They see themselves as ‘lifestyle consultants’ as well as a business, and their goal is world domination in the health industry. Prime My Body is all about expansion and domination.

As well as having CBD oil products that are allegedly some of the purest you can get, they also have a line of apparel, body care, and superfoods to boot. They’ve even broadened their horizons and stepped into the bodybuilding world, with an interesting-looking testosterone enhancement product.

If you’re looking for something to suit a modest budget, you may want to look elsewhere as Prime My Body aren’t shy about their price points. If you’re looking at their basic CBD oil, you can expect to spend a minimum of $150.

However, here is where the ‘perks’ come in – if you become an affiliate, you may be able to receive some type of discount or reward (we’re not too sure how it works).

When it comes to their CBD oil, they’re all about bioavailability. In fact, this is so much of their focus that they’ve even provided graphs to back up their statements about how their liposomal delivery system can aid in the absorption of CBD oil more effectively.

This could actually mean that you get more bang for your buck – if the same volume is now more valuable, then it means you need to take less to get the same effect.

As well as spending all their time promoting this type of innovation, Prime My Body also claims to use a supercritical oil extraction so that they get a number of beneficial elements from the plant as well as your regular cannabinoids.

Finally, though, here’s the catch. Prime My Body don’t actually offer any valid data that backs up their source and testing claims, let alone third-party lab test results that are current and relevant to their latest products.

Without proof, we can’t support the claims they make, which personally we feel is a big waste of time on their part. If they’re willing to put all this effort into creating innovative products, the least they could do is make sure they can back them up.

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Otherwise, consumers will just look elsewhere for their CBD oil, whether the absorption level is different or not.

A Review of Their Products

We have talked about how Prime My Body is all about bioavailability, as well as turning their clients into affiliates who can embrace the Prime My Body lifestyle.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the products that they offer as well, so that you can get a better idea of the bigger picture.

Hemp-Infused Moisturizer

Prime My Body - Hemp-Infused Moisturizer

Prime My Body claims that their hemp-infused moisturizer is luxurious, and honestly, we think that for $199, it needs to be something pretty special. They say that their hemp-infused moisturizer is great for damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, and dry skin.

It also infuses hemp with a number of different botanical blends that they claim can help boost cellular hydration and produce a youthful glow for your skin.

When they say hemp-infused, they mean that the hemp works with the endocannabinoid molecules in the skin to restore your skin’s condition and strengthen it. They also say that this product can help with skin inflammation and change its condition on a cellular level.

These are bold claims, which align accurately with a moisturizer that’s selling for this much.

CBD for Pets

Prime My Body - CBD for Pets

When it comes to CBD therapy, you can’t forget about your pets. This is why Prime My Body has included a pet range in their formulas, and it’s going to set you back $99. They say that their CBD oil for pets provides premium all day wellness for both dogs and cats, and includes 300mg of organic cannabinoids.

They say that they have come up with a pioneering formula that can help your pet with enhanced cognition, calmness, and relief from discomfort. They say that their pet oils are made from 100% organic ingredients, and are made in the US.

They are free from soy and grain, and can help with a myriad of medical issues as well, like blood sugar and hip health. Again, bold claims are being made here, which is why they are selling their pet CBD oil for so much.

Skin Rejuvenation Serum

They call their skin rejuvenation serum Nox, and they say that it is full spectrum hemp that is going to set you back $149, which is a lot to spend on a serum – let’s hope that it does what it claims to do.

They say that this serum can ‘breathe life’ into your skin, and get rid of any impurities, replacing them with antioxidants as well as Vitamins E and C. They say that their serum is one of the only ones in the world that is infused with hemp.

Their serum is made and formulated in the US, and if you visit your website you will see that they have case studies of existing clients to vouch for its effectiveness.

We definitely have to give it to them that they include a lot of information to back up products like this, which we guess is what you would expect when spending this much no each individual product in their range.

Muscle and Joint Salve

Prime My Body - Muscle and Joint Salve

Prime My Body is the kind of CBD oil company that wants to be able to provide its clients with a vast range of products that can be adapted into all kinds of different lifestyles, hence why they’re also so determined to turn a lot of clients into affiliates.

They say that their body therapy muscle and joint care product is a topical cream that you can apply to sore, achy muscles for relief from strain, tension and discomfort. They say that each cream comes with 1000mg of organic hemp, as well as a myriad of botanical extracts.

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Prime My Body claims that this cream supports deep tissue and muscle tension release, and can ease discomfort from injuries and damage to your muscles. They also recommend that you apply it to trouble areas after a workout, or if you have damaged or irritated skin that you are trying to restore.

Rest and Relax Hemp Extract

If you are someone who experiences anxiety, and need a way to stay calm during the day, then Prime My Body has this area covered in their product range as well.

They say that their relax and rest hemp extract formula is a natural solution that can help you stay calm both physically and mentally. This is going to cost you $108, which again is definitely on the more expensive side, but they claim that it’s because it comes with superior ingredients.

As well as being non-GMO, it’s THC-free, soy free, and comes with a certificate of analysis. Their rest and relax hemp extract supports regular sleeping patterns, as well as helping you remain calm throughout the day. It also includes valerian root, lemon balm and passionflower.

Immune Support Hemp Extract

Immune Support Hemp Extract

Prime My Body wants to offer clients a product that can help maintain good immune health, in the form of their immune shield CBD oil. This is perhaps one of the most expensive products in their range, costing you $159.

They say that it is non-GMO, THC free, soy free, and 100% plant based. They say that you get 500mg of CBD per bottle, and it is meant to support your immune system and maintain good gut health. It also includes 18 essential botanicals, which you can read about more on their website.

Protein Superfood

Prime My Body - Protein Superfood

Lastly, without wanting to leave the health and fitness industry behind, Prime My Body has included a protein superfood on their list of health products. Surprisingly, this is just $35, and they say that it has been optimized for your body’s performance.

They promise that this product is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, GM free, a low glycaemic. It offers its clients 15g per serve, and 7g of fibre. Honestly, we just think that this is an add-in that they are using to round out the rest of their products, and tempt more people into thinking that becoming an affiliate with them is a good idea.

Prime My Body Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Review Final Thoughts

As we mentioned, Prime My Body offers its customers the chance to become an affiliate through its affiliate program.

While this prospect may initially be exciting and promising, you’ll soon get burned out by the thought that you can’t actually buy any of their products without signing up as an affiliate.

This is hardly an attractive prospect – the harder a company like this makes it to buy their CBD products, the less likely you are to buy them.

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18 Replies to “Prime My Body Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

  1. Don’t get involved with this company. As it’s been mentioned in the article it’s a pyramid scheme. And the way this company operates is detestable. They just want to lure you in and then make money off of you. I ended up losing money. And their products aren’t even that good.

    1. Hi Samantha! Thank you so much for your review. I am actually an affiliate with PMB right now, and although I have not made an money quite yet, I will have to say I don think Prime My Body all together is a scam. The people are actually really nice and really want to help, and it seems that you get what you put in. Many people say that pmb is a scam, but to me, I think its when you give up its a scam. Many people want quick and fast results, but with little work put in. It takes some business building companies on average 1-3 years before they see any profit. So it just really depends how much people have faith and keep going.

      I don’t think Prime My Body is a scam, I just think it takes a lot of investment and hard work in the beginning. But so does other business opportunities that have to do with self-employment. I guess you just have to have a lot of faith and wait for the reward at the end. I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience with Prime My Body, I’ve defiantly had some ups and downs in the business over the last 2 months, but I’m not going to give up! It defiantly takes tough skin and dedication to see positive results! :)

      I wish you lots of luck and blessings! :)

  2. A friend of mine used to be involved with this company and those weren’t fun times for sure. She kept on trying to get us to buy their products. My husband is no stranger to cbd oil so he purchased some products a couple of times but said that he can get the same quality cbd oil a lot cheaper from popular brands.

  3. I became an affiliate for Prime My Body and the experience I’ve had has been absolutely terrible. They would constantly overcharge my credit card and fine me for absurd reasons. Instead of getting a little extra income on the side I ended up paying them for nothing!

    1. I started using Focus 11 days ago and have experienced life changing results. I have suffered from chronic pain, headaches and fatigue for many many years and spent thousands on Allport of treatments over the years with no relief. This miracle little supplement has far exceeded all my expectations and been an absolute blessing in my life. Waking up pain free, with more energy throughout the day and much milder headaches (I’m hoping they will clear totally over the next for weeks.) And as an unexpected added bonus I don’t feel like smoking or drinking anymore! This stuff has really been a blessing in my life. I would highly highly recommend trying Focus if you have chronic health issues, especially if they are linked to the brain!

  4. I have been a customer of PMB for 2 years. I recently received a rancid bottle and asked for a replacement. The response from the company was “We regret that we do not have satisfaction guarantee and we can not send a replacement.” I purchase the oil monthly for myself and my brother so they just lost 2 customers because they do not stand behind their products:(

    1. Literally the worst customer service! what oils are you taking now? Im new to PMB but im not sure if its worth dealing with their service so im looking for alternatives.

  5. I’ve purchased some Prime My Body CBD products a couple of times because my friend is an associate but I can’t say that the quality was worth the price. My friend wanted me to join the company as well but I’m not really a big fan of multi-level marketing schemes.

  6. That’s it for me for this company. Any MLM scheme I get put off! It’s true that you get burned out at some point and your morale easily gets low especially when the company doesn’t really help you out. Late replies and not much assistance from their end. The name doesn’t sound very authoritative either. There are better products out there.

  7. I don’t recommend this company not only because of their marketing tactics but because they sell mediocre products at over the top prices. The representative that I had the displeasure to talk to was really persistent in his attempts to sell me the products that I didn’t need. What I ended up buying I didn’t like the quality of.

  8. Bad customer service. Deliveries to large order associates have priorities. Promo orders take priority also. Small order associates take up to 3 weeks. I was an associate once.

  9. I love PMB and I have been an affiliate for right at a year. I have made money, they pay very well for not a lot of work. I am not an MLM guru and I still make money. I have watched my family receive huge benefits from their Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil! Joint pain from injuries gone after 35 years of managing.

    Join me in the next tech industry boom, but with CBD.
    Our new hemp oil is like none on the market, with the addition of CBG and terpenes, tapping into our endocannabinoid receptors even better.

    They just opened (Mar 2019) phone customer service so this area will get better. It was slower in the beginning with only email, yes.

  10. Time for an update to this site and its description of PMB.
    Not only have we introduced a broad spectrum hemp extract with the most CBG on the market and an extended profile of 7 terpenes, it is THC free, organic, USA sourced, kosher and halal certified, ethanol free and free of sweeteners.
    We have the fastest delivery system due to its 15nm sized liposomes (some report feeling the effects in seconds).
    To top it off, we have a medical review board which has become instrumental in the production and formulation.
    I will bet you a bottle of our stuff that you cant find another company doing what PMB is doing.
    $89 is a steal for the amount of time, energy, research and science we have backing our product.
    Please email me I will be glad to share more info with you.

  11. I got affiliated with PMB two weeks ago and i have yet to receive my package and no one has been able to answer my messages about where my package is. Like i mentioned, i placed the order two weeks ago and truthfully this has been the worst customer service i’ve received yet. I have no doubt it is a GREAT product but i am very disappointed in how they handle their support. In the future i would rather purchase the product from someone that be affiliated with them then having to deal with the company.


  13. They are awful. They are totally a marketing scheme using CBD as their money maker, they don’t give a care at all about customer service or helping anyone. Creators have gone from one MLM to another, fraudulent crooks. I believe they probably devote most of their time and energy to avoiding fallout from their crappy service. Not all MLMs are bad, but this one certainly makes the list.

  14. I’ve been using PMB products for about 10 months, and I LOVE the company. I’ve had HUGE health turn arounds since starting their products. I tried PMB at the encouragement of a friend who knew I was hesitant after having tried about 10 different companies/products and feeling like I wasted so much money on duds. She persisted in encouraging me bc it made such a difference for her with her health, and helped her so much with cravings, which she was still experiencing after being clean for a good deal of time. I tried one bottle of each of their main extracts (FOCUS & CALM) and was blown away after about a month, when I started noticing big changes. The constant brain fog I had been experiencing was dramatically improved, and I got back my normal level of energy during the day and the ability to sleep really good at night without sleeping pills. I am a licensed doc in the mental health field, and reliable, valid, science based evidence is very important to me when it comes to trusting a product or company and their claims. I feel PMB has gone above and beyond with testing, research, 3rd party testing (very important), as well as having a team of medical advisors on board for product research, development and training. The research being done with the NFL and large research hospitals with veterans is pretty amazing. The company is fairly new and I know has had the usual road bumps, but is really focused on having the best and most high quality products, and I feel confident that what I am putting in my body is the best for me. Overall, after ten months of taking the hemp, my body got itself back in balance so that I was able to stop needing three different pills I did not want to be taking for health issues I now no longer have!! Highly recommend!! PS the PAWS hemp helped my frenchie stop having separation anxiety and greatly reduced her chronic allergies.

  15. Pyramid schemes are not scams if you know what you’re doing lolololol

    Products work all right, You could definitely get the same for cheaper.

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