Farmacy Bliss Review

Farmacy Bliss Review

You may have noticed that CBD has gotten a lot of press lately. CBD is a cannabinoid, just like THC is, but for a long time, there’s been very little known about it.

These days, however, with all the research online, more and more is being unsurfaced about just how beneficial CBD can be.

One of the best parts is that it’s effective on a number of different health conditions, not just one. This is because it interacts with our endocannabinoid system, prompting it to produce our own cannabinoids that are naturally occurring.

It won’t take you long to find a lot of evidence online, and it also won’t take you long to find a lot of CBD companies online. While this means that you’re spoiled for choice, it also means that you may have to get past a few duds before landing on the right one.

Let’s review one in particular and determine whether they’re right for you.

Farmacy Bliss Review

Purity 6.0
Strength 6.0
Service 4.0
Price 7.0
Consumer Reviews 4.0

A Review of Farmacy Bliss

Farmacy Bliss appears to be the kind of company that is switched on and knows what it takes to make it in the CBD industry. They have a health-focused mission that they include in every aspect of their business, as well as positive testimonials on their website and good price points.

Farmacy Bliss is surprisingly candid about the reality of some health conditions. They believe that if you experience chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, depression or Crohn’s disease, a lot of the time you don’t have a choice but to take prescription medication to help manage the symptoms and discomfort. Farmacy Bliss have a particularly compassionate approach to their customers and want them to know that there’s now a viable alternative to often harmful conventional medicine.

Farmacy Bliss has a relatively limited product range that only seems to include things like tinctures, soft gels, and vape cartridges. Their prices begin at $35 and go up to $100, which is definitely reasonable, especially when compared to other companies in the industry. They have a comprehensive blog and post video testimonials on their website, which definitely work wonders when it comes to supporting them and what they do.

We can see that Farmacy Bliss is dedicated to posting updated Certificates of Analysis on their site, something that is hard to come by, even these days. They also make sure to give back to a number of charities.

They source their industrial hemp from farms in Europe, where there are strict regulations around the cultivation of hemp. They also use a CO2 method of extraction, which we think is by far the best. Even though it’s an expensive investment for a company, it’s well worth it because it brings out the best in your CBD.

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While we mentioned that Farmacy Bliss publishes lab test reports that imply their products are free from common contaminants, we couldn’t see anywhere proof that they test for concentration of CBD. This is an important thing to test for; otherwise, we don’t think that it’s safe to take a product where the concentration of the main ingredient is unclear.

Farmacy Bliss Alternatives

Verma Farms
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Hemp Bombs

Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

Farmacy Bliss appears to be a company that’s dedicated not only to producing a good quality product but to connecting with their customers and educating them on the benefits and relevance of CBD.

We appreciate their effort to show lab test reports around the purity of their products, and we like that they’re using a CO2 method of extraction. We also think it’s important that they are giving back in a number of ways as well.

However, we can’t get past a couple of things – they don’t seem to be testing for potency, and we think their product line is a bit limiting. Without the potency tests, you have no way of knowing whether their statements around concentration are true or not.

We also don’t think that Farmacy Bliss can be your go-to CBD company because their product range is too limited.

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