Lola Hemp Review

Lola Hemp Review

There’s a new health craze that’s taken America and the rest of the world by storm – and it seems it’s here to stay. In fact, it also seems to be so groundbreaking that it’s changing the way we look at managing various health conditions, including chronic pain.

If you Google ‘CBD’ you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of search results that are a testament to this natural remedy, and while not every state is on board with the idea yet they’re slowly warming up to it.

As you can imagine, there are also now hundreds of companies trying to make the most of its popularity too. While this means that you’re spoiled for choice, you also need to be discerning when it comes to which companies are worth your time and which aren’t.

Let’s take a look at one and decide whether they’re worth trying or not.

Lola Hemp Review

Purity 8.0
Strength 5.5
Service 4.0
Price 5.0
Consumer Reviews 7.0

A Review of Lola Hemp

If you know who Lola is, then you’re going to know what this CBD company is all about. Lola is a loveable Chihuahua and the reason that this CBD company was born.

From this, you can probably guess that this is the type of CBD company that caters to pets – and this time, it’s exclusively for your furry pals. They’re an ethically driven CBD pet company who have a passion not only for your pets but for animals that have been abandoned and need help with their health.

We must admit that we find Lola Hemp’s product line a little on the small side, with just three sizes of CBD tinctures. However, the quality of their products seems to be high, which is what we look for the most.

Joey and Susan are the founders of Lola Hemp, which they naturally fell into after launching their very own pet boutique. This is a mother and son team who are passionate about the health of their pets – naturally, of course.

In fact, they started their very own pet CBD company because of the overwhelming demand from their customers for natural remedies that could help with health conditions their pets suffered from. As well as having a vet on board, both Joey and Susan still do the day to day tasks, as well as making sure that the company gives back the community in different ways as well.

The biggest seller out of all of Lola Hemp’s products is their CBD organic hemp oil that comes in three different sizes. While their product range is only aimed at pets, we are a bit disappointed to note how small it is – if they want to be a successful CBD company, we suggest expanding the range a bit more so that customers can feel like they’re getting everything they need, all from one brand.

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As well as sourcing their hemp from organic farms, Lola Hemp also makes sure to publish all of their lab test results so that you know the purity and potency of their products before you use them – one of the most important steps to cross off the list when running a company like this. Lola Hemp appears to be a reputable company who has a particular passion for people’s pets.

Lola Hemp Alternatives

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Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Lola Hemp seems to be doing most things the right way. However, we aren’t too impressed with the product line-up and think this could be much more extensive.

The CBD industry is incredibly competitive, so the more products you have to sell the better you’re going to be able to compete against the big guys.

We just don’t think that these guys have the drive to go up against them right now, but if they work on their product range, they’ll undoubtedly have a chance at doing well.

For now, we suggest looking elsewhere for your pet products.

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  1. Lola HEMP has extended their product line with oil, chews, treats, and now CBD for Humans. I’ve used their oil for 3 dogs with noticible affects. I believe it made my now passed 17 yr old dog feel like a younger dog for a yr and half. 3 walks a day, good appetite and still active until 3 days B4 passing from old age. Dogs now, 1 + 2 take for SEPERATION anxiety. (They had been prescribed Prozac. I used Lola HEMP. My oldest@ 11yrs had a lung condition + a strong medicine. With Lola I’ve been able to see vitality, jumps, walks and less medicine.

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