Sadica Review

Sadica Review

You may have noticed that there’s a new craze in the health industry. Since America has decided to legalize cannabis in many of its states, there have been a lot of companies started who are hoping to leave their mark and provide you with high-quality CBD oil products.

While many of these companies have managed to garner a good reputation for themselves, you certainly can’t trust all of them. In fact, some of them should be avoided altogether.

Let’s give one of these businesses a review and determine whether you should be purchasing your CBD oil from them or not.

Sadica Review

Purity 2.0
Strength 3.0
Service 5.0
Price 8.0
Consumer Reviews 4.0


  • Affordable
  • Attractive aesthetically


  • No lab tests
  • There's better products on the market
  • Lack of information
  • Lack of transparency

Sadica: The Details

Sadica is somewhat confusing in its mission statement and overall business goals. They claim on their website that they want to be top of the beverage and food industry. However, we wonder how they can achieve this when they’re only selling topicals.

While they do have quite a large number of edible CBD products featured on their ‘coming soon’ page, this certainly isn’t a guarantee. For them to make this type of claim is bold as we have yet to see any evidence that points in this direction.

Sadica also let themselves down when it comes to their discussion on product verification and the process from source to consumer. Another thing they claim on their website is that they only use the best third-party lab testing with cutting edge technology to ensure the quality of their products.

If this is the case, then, where is the evidence? They don’t even feature a Certificate of Analysis on their website, which is a requirement in the industry.

Generally speaking, we are impressed with the amount of work that Sadica have put into the aesthetics of their products. We must admit that they are incredibly visually appealing, which has a significant impact on consumers. Another thing that we find appealing is its affordable price range. You can get Sadica products for as little as $35, and they only go up to $125.

However, we can’t consider them to be a trustworthy brand if they’re not prepared to share even a little bit about who’s behind the name and where their hemp is sourced.

Sadica seemed to be focused on being a health company before anything else. This means that they’ve done some innovative experiments with their CBD oil, even including a terpene blend in their oils with distilled botanicals that make it even better for you than before.

Being based in California, we know that regulations have recently had an overhaul to allow companies like Sadica to sell products related to cannabis freely. However, because of this, they must adhere to restrictions put in place, which so far they’re not doing.

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Sadica has a blog feature on their website, which is promising and potentially somewhere to find more information. However, when we checked this out, we found that it was mostly made up of content they had simply copied and pasted from other online sources.

A blog is an excellent way for companies like Sadica to showcase vital information like product descriptions, lab testing and even a Certificate of Analysis here and there. They haven’t done any of this.

Sadica Alternatives

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Final Thoughts

Sadica has made it pretty easy for their customers to buy their products – clicking on and putting them in the cart is nice and straightforward. However, it’s pretty clear at this point that you’re not going to know much more about the products themselves than before you came across them.

It could be the fact that Sadica is still a relatively new company and need time to verify their testing methods, but generally speaking, we can’t endorse a business that can’t or won’t provide vital information about their products to the customer.

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  1. A friend of mine ordered some Sadica products and wanted me to try them as well. I wasn’t so eager to do that because I’ve never heard of this company before. To me personally, they don’t seem very trustworthy. My friend tried the topicals and said they’re just like a regular moisturizer, no CBD effect whatsoever.

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