Cibdol Review

Cibdol Review

Not only is CBD taking off in America, but it’s also becoming a thing in Europe as well. There are now many farms out there growing hemp to make into CBD products, which means that the industry has well and truly taken off.

It’s an excellent natural remedy for many different health conditions – all of which you can look up online if you need a bit of convincing.

From America to Europe, there are now a plethora of CBD companies creating their version of the best CBD product available. While this is a great thing, it does come with its disadvantages too, and one of these is that you shouldn’t buy from them all.

Let’s review one and decide whether their products are worth your money.

Cibdol Review

Purity 7.0
Strength 5.0
Service 6.0
Price 6.5
Consumer Reviews 4.5

A Review of Cibdol

While there are many CBD companies to emerge out of America, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is trying their hand at making CBD products.

Cibdol is a CBD company that’s based in Switzerland and is largely responsible for creating and maintaining the reputation that Switzerland produces high-quality CBD oil products.

Not only are they environmentally conscious, but they’re also dedicated to being consistent with the purity of their products too, which we always are pleased to see.

What we find interesting about this CBD oil company is that they perform their extensive lab tests themselves. Generally, speaking, it’s recommended that you get a third party to test your products for contaminants and concentration – otherwise, you risk there being a conflict of interest.

2019 Update: Cibdol now get a third-party to lab test every batch. They also test for heavy metals and pesticides every harvest.

Cibdol has manufacturing processes that require offices in both the Netherlands and Switzerland. While they extract their CBD oil in Swiss labs, it appears that the rest of the process happens in the Netherlands, where their various certifications are issued.

Cibdol has big guarantees for its products, including a lack of pesticides and GMO.

What’s interesting about the lab test results themselves is that they seem to test for heavy metals and CBD concentration, but they lack when it comes to solvents, pesticides, and microbial.

Unfortunately, in an industry like this, that’s largely unregulated, it’s important that companies test for everything, not just a few things. Additionally, they have left out cannabinoid profiles for these tests, which makes us question if they’ve even done them or not.

With all this being said, Cibdol does claim to use organic hemp sourced from Europe, as well as a CO2 extraction method which is by far the best way to extract your CBD. We also like that they’re upfront and honest about the extraction process after this, which is something we always like to see.

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Cibdol, like many other CBD companies out there, has a number of products in their product line. These include topicals, supplements, drops, gels, and tinctures mixed with olive oil, hemp seed oil, and black cumin seed oil. We love that they include extensive ingredients lists and even have recommendations regarding the dosage of each product.

Cibdol Alternatives

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Scam or Legit; Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Cibdol seems to be doing what they can to establish themselves as a reliable, trustworthy CBD oil company. We like that they source their hemp from organic farms in Europe and that they are prepared to lab test each batch of product.

2019 Update: Cibdol now get a third-party to lab test every batch. They also test for heavy metals and pesticides every harvest.

At the end of the day, Cibdol seems to be improving rapidly.

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