Organabus Review

Organabus Review

There’s a new health wave happening in the natural health industry, and it looks like it’s here to stay. There are a lot of natural remedies that come and go, but CBD oil is pegged to stay.

Having been around for centuries and used both medicinally and recreationally, more and more research is being done each day on CBD oil and how it can benefit our bodies in various ways.

From chronic pain to insomnia and even more severe issues like arthritis and migraines, there are a number of reasons why CBD oil is considered an excellent alternative to prescription medication.

There are many companies who have seen the light too and are attempting to make their millions as a result. However, this doesn’t mean that they can all be trusted to produce a quality product.

Let’s give one a review.

Organabus Review

Purity 0.0
Strength 2.0
Service 3.0
Price 8.0
Consumer Reviews 0.0


  • Natural & organic
  • Affordable


  • No lab tests
  • No sourcing information
  • No extraction method information
  • Fake reviews
  • Cannot guarantee safety

Organabus: The Details

Organabus is coming at CBD oil from a natural, organic angle so if you’re someone who only likes to buy organic products, you may be interested in a company like this. However, we’re surprised at how little mention there is of their products being organic, despite a big part of their name alluding to this.

Organabus has gone for a hippie vibe their brand look and logo, which makes us think of good ethics and a healthy business model.

Their brand logo makes them appear laidback and fun yet serious about the quality of their products and making sure they are as natural as possible. However, all you need to do is take a quick look at the rest of their website to realize that they’re not all that they seem.

Organabus, like many CBD oil companies out there these days, has a wide range of products available. Their prices are also quite varied, beginning from as little as $15 and going all the way up to $150.

They’ve even tried to explore a niche within their product range by creating a CBD nasal inhaler, which to be honest we’re pretty impressed with. This isn’t a product that you see all that often.

However, our admiration quickly turned to disappointment when we realized that they had next to no information about it anywhere. While they do have some reviews at the bottom of their homepage, this is hardly enough to convince us that their product is worth buying.

What’s more, by the looks of things these reviews were probably paid for, which means that they don’t have any genuine reviews on their website. Fake reviews are one thing, but a complete lack of information is something else entirely.

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We couldn’t find any info on the lab testing they should be putting each batch through, nor could we see anywhere anything about where they source their product from. We also weren’t impressed with their very bare looking ‘education’ page that does anything but educates you.

Organabus Alternatives

Verma Farms
Royal CBD
Absolute Nature
NuLeaf Naturals
Hemp Bombs

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how good a company makes its products and logo look; they need to provide the right information to make their customer feel confident.

Without basic source and product information, there’s no way to properly review a company like this and determine whether their products are worth your time or not.

One of the most significant problems with the CBD oil industry is that it’s not regulated. This means that there’s not actually anything that says companies like Organabus need to provide their customers with this type of information.

However, it doesn’t take much to realize that as a business, you won’t get very far if you can’t offer up necessary details about the products you’re selling.

Until Organabus can work on this aspect of their website and company, there’s no way we can condone the use of their products, no matter how good they may be.

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  1. Organabus doesn’t seem to be very serious about their business. I tried ordering from their website because they’ve got some cool products that I haven’t seen anywhere else like the bath bombs. Their manager contacted me saying the items were out of stock and tried convincing me to buy something a lot more expensive. That’s not a good way to do business.

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