36 Best Instagram Automation Tools, Software & Bots (2024)

Best Instagram Bots & Automation Tools of 2020

Instagram Automation. Now, there’s a buzzword.

Planning, proposing, obtaining funding, choosing a niche, choosing a logo, building a website, finding a physical location (where applicable), and marketing are just the beginning of the activities for starting and operating a successful business.

This does not include what is required to build a social media presence. Those activities are time-consuming enough to adversely affect your time-management protocols.

Where do you pencil that into your daily schedule?

It isn’t enough to log into Instagram and your other social media accounts once a week. It requires at least three days of posting and engaging per week to get started. Nowadays, most people are engaging every single day on Instagram and social media in general.

There is no getting around it.

Best Instagram Automation Tools in 2024

If you are one of today’s Instagrammer’s who wants to know the top Instagram automation services of this year, the following will provide you with enough information to decide if you are on board or not.

We cover various Instagram automation services such as Instagram bots, hashtag generators, schedulers, automatic liker tools, and other automated software.

1. Seek Socially – Not an Instagram Bot!

Seek Socially Instagram Followers

Ever wanted to take your Instagram engagement to the next level and put everything into it, but you simply don’t have the time? Well, now with Seek Socially, you do.

These guys know everything there is to know about growing an Instagram account successfully, which means that they can take over without a hitch. We like that they promise not to sell their clients gimmicks – just real, authentic engagement that everyone will love.

They have a tutorial on their website so you can get to know their features before committing to anything – who doesn’t love that?

2. Kicksta


If you’re looking for one of the most powerful organic Instagram automation growth tools out there, then you need to consider checking out Kicksta.

These guys pride themselves on not using spam or fake followers to grow their client’s accounts – it’s all just real, genuine engagement.

This means that you have the opportunity to grow your profile to a point where it can be sustained for a long time to come. If you want to get real Instagram followers, you need to interact with the right people – people that are going to be interested in your content enough to follow you for a long time.

Kicksta can help foster these relationships so that you can stay in the game for a long time and promote yourself or your product to the right people.

It’s definitely better than simply buying your engagement because it means that you get to have a high-quality profile that people can admire.

If you need an automated option that is going to work around the clock for you while you focus on making more awesome content, then we highly recommend checking out this company.

3. Nitreo


How many things do you want to achieve with your Instagram? Do you hope to get more people looking at your content, as well as being able to build your brand?

If you want to do it all and nothing less, then you need to check out Nitreo.

These guys not only can help you grow a following organically through their automation service, but they can make your brand a bigger deal out there.

They offer a two-week money-back guarantee, and it only takes two minutes to get set up with them, which is something that we think everyone can appreciate.

4. Flick

Flick Review - A Must-Have Hashtag Tracker

If you’re sick of having to sort your hashtags yourself, then perhaps you may want to think about outsourcing. It’s not easy coming up with the ultimate hashtag strategy for your industry and niche – but it’s pretty important.

In fact, hashtags are the glue that binds Instagram together – you can’t do well with your brand on this platform without them.

So, which is one of the best third party companies to find the perfect set of hashtags, then? Flick.

These guys know that hashtags are underrated, and while more and more companies are now picking up on this niche, they were pioneers.

Flick offers a unique, sophisticated search engine, where you can look up all of your favorite hashtags. In return, you will get data and analytics around each one.

This will help you figure out if those hashtags are worth your time or not.

We love that they offer a free trial, they’re completely safe to use and compliant with Instagram’s T’s and C’s, and they offer a high level of customer support. What’s not to love?

5. Inflact


If you need an automated Instagram service that claims to be able to grow your account twice as fast as other companies out there, then we suggest you take a look at Inflact.

These guys use pro targeting filters to find the right people for your content so that you can build a loyal following that is going to make all the difference to your Instagram growth.

Inflact has a wide range of features that you can choose from, including scheduled posting, direct messages, likes, comments, and of course, their follow/unfollow method.

This is a great way to cover all of your bases when it comes to your Instagram growth so that you can stand out from the crowd and really get ahead.

They have a user-friendly dashboard that you can download onto your computer and use to customize their features to suit your niche and industry. If you need a team of experts that know exactly what they’re doing, then check out Inflact.

6. Growthsilo


Growthsilo is one of the best Instagram automation services when it comes to your Instagram feed, because they care about what your target audience looks like. This is why they have features like a dedicated account manager, location targeting, and gender filtering.

This means that they can home in on the perfect target audience for your Instagram profile, and get it right every time.

Their packages are divided into different categories based on speed and how much you want to grow your Instagram account right now, and they even have additional features including a blacklist, so that you can cancel people out as well who you don’t want to see your profile.

7. Upleap


There are some Instagram automation services that are hard to pass up on because from the get-go, there just exude confidence and reliability.

One of the first things you’re going to notice when you visit their website is that you can try their service for free.

They offer first-time clients a free three-day trial, and the best part of the whole thing is that you don’t have to relinquish your credit card information to make the most of it.

This is a great aspect because it shows that they aren’t in the business of overcharging your credit card.

Another thing that you’re really going to like about Upleap is that they offer a personalized account manager with every new client.

This means that you get to talk directly to a real person about any issues you have, as opposed to having to go through a complicated phone system where you may not even talk to someone.

Upleap also offers some great price points, which means that you’re going to be hard-pressed to find another company in this industry that even comes close.

If you need something that’s going to work for you, no matter what, we suggest checking out Upleap.

8. StormLikes


Are you someone who is quite selective about how you grow your Instagram profile? Then you need to get on board with StormLikes.

This company can not only help its clients with exclusive Instagram likes and followers, but they can help them with their views as well.

You won’t be able to get very far with Instagram these days is you can’t mass story view other people’s content. It’s the way of the future, and StormLikes knows this.

They make sure not to use ghost accounts to grow their client’s pages so that you can guarantee that your engagement is genuine and authentic.

9. SocialViral


SocialViral might look like just another Instagram automation service, but they’re really the complete opposite.

The first thing that they promise is that their followers, likes, and views are genuine so that you can grow your profile both safely and effectively.

They say that they are one of the few companies in the industry that can offer results straight away, and they offer inexpensive rates as well, making it easy for you to grow your account with high-quality engagement, regardless of what your budget looks like.

If you need effective growth, check out SocialViral today.

10. Follow Adder

Follow Adder

This is for business Instagram users who prefer a program they can setup, customize, and manage themselves, Follow Adder is a top-rated Instagram bot.

The program allows you choose your specific settings and schedule posts, upload images, and engage without worrying about it.

This program is trusted by many users and is safe to use for growing your Instagram follower base and engagement. This bot works on Windows, Mac, & Linux.

11. Trusy


Ever heard of the ‘Trusy Opportunity’? If not, then you need to. You may not have heard of these guys because they’re still pretty new to the game, but what they lack in experience they make up for in expertise.

In fact, judging by how fast they’ve grown in such a short space of time, you could consider these guys on par with other automated Instagram services that have been in this business since the very beginning.

These guys truly know what it takes to make a real difference to their client’s accounts, and they can help you in many ways that are actually going to take your account to new heights.

As well as having awesome features, they include video tutorials on their website so you can get to know how they work and adapt it to your own niche and industry.

They also have a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner so you can ask them anything. There’s a lot to love about Trusy, which is why we’re so confident that we’re just going to keep seeing great things from them as time goes on.

12. Media Mister

Media Mister - Instagram

Getting help with your Instagram automation is one thing – but getting help on other platforms that you have your product on is preferred if you are serious about making it big on the internet in general.

If you have an influence on other channels, and you want to make sure that they are all growing at the same time, then you need to check out Media Mister.

These guys know everything there is to know about growing multiple social media profiles at once, so you know that they are experts where nothing fazes them.

One of the first things that you do when you visit their website and consider teaming up with them is choosing which platform you need help with the most.

Once you’ve been able to do this, you can see all of their exclusive features that are relevant to just that channel. They also have a chatbox on their website where you can get in touch with a customer support person, and their delivery is quick as well.

The only thing that we have to say against these guys is that it can be a bit overwhelming for some, but apart from this, they are a great option if you need to spread your marketing across multiple channels – not just Instagram.

13. Followersup

Followersup - Instagram

There’s nothing quite like being able to consolidate all of your social media growth in one place, which is ultimately going to save you a ton of time and money.

The last thing you need when you’re trying to expand your brand’s reach on the internet is to hire more than one company to help you with it. Luckily, there are companies like Followersup.

Followersup is pretty similar to Media Mister because they can help you with different types of social media, and have different features based on what you’re working with right now. You’ll notice that they have great customer support, too.

14. Combin


If you want an effective Instagram marketing and content planning solution to help your Instagram automation, then you need to check out Combin.

These guys know that both scheduling and growth are key to an effective Instagram growth strategy, and they also know that a lot of their clients are going to have multiple Instagram accounts that they need help with.

This is why they offer the ability to communicate directly with your audience while keeping your content organized so that you can effortlessly be uploading as much as you want when you want.

Another thing that we really like about Combin is that they offer their clients the ability to track your growth and activity so that you can adjust your Instagram engagement strategy based on this.

One of the keys to doing well on Instagram is communicating with your audience and maintaining that relationship, something that Combin is specialized in. If you want an Instagram automated service that covers all the bases, then we highly recommend checking out these guys.

15. Jarvee


If you’re running Windows on a laptop or desktop, Jarvee is a superior automation download to help you manage your Instagram and other social media networks.

This is a powerful Instagram automation tool that you need to get familiar with by watching the training videos or you may have issues with over-automating on Instagram.

They do offer a 5-day free trial, which is plenty of time to familiarize yourself with it and try it out before investing in it. It’s known to perform the daily tasks for social activities up to ten times faster than you can do them yourself.

16. FollowingLike


Next on the list is FollowingLike. It’s not the best Instagram bot on the market, but it does have its advantages that make it rank on this list. It has a flexibility that is relatively unique, allowing for you to manage multiple social media accounts across the board.

While its features are a lot more basic than Follow Adder, it does have the advantage of working with Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, and Twitter. Not all bots have this kind of versatility, so it works to its credit.

One thing to be wary of when taking a look at FollowingLike is its website – it can be a bit misleading. It lists all of its features very clearly and plainly to see, except that these features are for different social media platforms.

Because they aren’t organized into their separate lists based on which site they belong to, they give an impression that Following Like offers a lot of features – more so than Follow Adder. However, it doesn’t and is merely projecting the different elements it provides for various social media websites.

Another downside to Following Like is that it’s one of the most expensive bots, and it doesn’t offer the option of a free trial, meaning you have to dive right in the deep end and hope that it’s going to work for your pages.

Like InstaQ, this can make it reasonably off-putting as its helpful to know exactly what you’re getting into before signing up for a bot – especially if it’s one of the more expensive ones available.

To sum it up, Following Like is an excellent automated bot when it comes to managing a high level of social media accounts. If you’re in charge of dozens and need a bot with the necessary features to maintain all activity, then the price will soon pay itself off.

But if you’re a small business that only requires services for one or two accounts, it’s not going to be as helpful as Follow Adder.

17. Plan My Post

Plan My Post

The beginning of any Instagram strategy is in the planning. Many business people could use help in this area as well as in marketing and promoting on these channels.

PlanMyPost is a planning and scheduling tool that becomes your personal automated assistant for managing your Instagram account.

This tool saves you time and provides you with an easy to use dashboard with settings to match your needs. You can bulk upload your images to save and schedule for another time to keep your Instagram page active and present.

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It has its own image editor and preview tool to ensure you are sharing the quality and image text you want.

18. Social Savage

Social Savage

Social media users crave engagement, which is good for a business on Instagram and across social media channels.

Social Savage offers Instagram users a way to buy real followers and likes to build their page or profile. This service also works for other social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Expert marketers in various niches use this service to boost their engagement. That is a good sign a service is worth investing in.

19. GramthGrow

It becomes overwhelming and exhausting to perform the activities on Instagram every day to grow your presence and build your engagement.

That is where a service like GramthGrow is useful. Targeted, real followers are what they provide according to your niche via hashtag, age, region and other demographics.

Using this Instagram growth service to find your perfect audience is faster and more efficient than trying to do this all on your own.

Their management team interact with real people interested in your niche on your behalf to cultivate the proper followers on your page.

20. Morelikes


MoreLikes is all about offering its clients more for less. This is why they offer them a really simple, small list of features, that are some of the most effective you will have seen in the industry.

They have a detection service that can work out when you upload a new piece of content to your Instagram, and as soon as they do they will send you the right amount of likes. You get to decide how many likes they send through and whether they send them through straight away or gradually.

This means that you are still in complete control, while they are in charge of the software that makes it all happen.

21. The Millennial Marketers

The Millennial Marketers

Who is on Instagram most of the time? Is it the older generation? Try millennials. While Generation Z is quickly catching up, it’s no secret that millennials love Instagram, and would all be Insta famous if they could.

This is why the next brand on our list has catered to their features to suit that group the most. In fact, they have been called the millennials best friend and judging by their amazing reviews on third party companies like Trustpilot, we’re inclined to believe this.

Get in touch with them today on their website and see what all the fuss is about.

22. Growthoid


Growthoid is the kind of Instagram automation service that you want on your team for their excellent customer service and top quality strategies to build up your Instagram.

If you’re someone who likes to hand over control to a third party but gets regular reports, you’re going to like Growthoid. They have monthly and yearly subscriptions, which means whatever your budget you’re going to be able to afford a plan of theirs.

Growthoid completely manages your engagement for you so you can just sit back, relax and focus on other aspects of your business.

It’s just like having your very own personal Instagram manager.

23. Social Buddy

Social Buddy

The only way forward with your engagement is organic, and with an Instagram automation tool like Social Buddy, you can make this happen and so much more.

They promise advanced targeting features that can get your target audience nice and specific, which will help to fit in with your niche and industry.

The thing that we like the most about these guys is that they offer different features depending on what your ultimate Instagram goal is.

If you’ve got a brand, they’ve got specified features for this, but if you’re an aspiring influencer, they’ve got ways of helping you with that. It’s all down to what you prefer, so tailor Social Buddy to your needs today.

24. Social Captain

Social Captain

Sick and tired of getting spam on your Instagram account, and looking to prove yourself to your existing audience? Then you need to try Social Captain.

These guys promise that their followers and likes are real, and they start each client relationship out with a demo, making it a lot easier for you to figure out how they work.

Their setup process is two minutes, and they have different features depending on what you’re trying to achieve. If it’s targeting you need, they’ve got features for this, and if it’s automation, they’ve got their Instagram automation service.

This is a company for the people, made by the people.

25. Social Follow

We’ve talked about budget a little bit on this list, but we haven’t factored in those of you who have a very limited budget right now to devote to your social media marketing.

If you’re someone who falls into this category, then you might be thinking of ways that you can get a bit of help without shelling out at all. In this case, try Social Follow.

Social Follow is a sophisticated Instagram automation service that can help you get more out of your page, without having to pay for it.

They offer free Instagram followers to start out with, and further down the track if you’ve benefited from them, you can sign up for a paid service.

26. Foost


Want something that’s going to take your Instagram growth so seriously that you won’t even have to think for a second about there being any risk to your account?

Foost is like the social media marketing police when it comes to using an Instagram automation service. In fact, before you even gain access to their website, they make sure that you understand their conditions, which are that they don’t sell fake engagement, and don’t associate with fake engagement.

They are simply all about real, active followers, and they won’t settle for anything less. If this is something that you really care about, you need to check them out today.

27. Insta Promoter

Do you want to be able to choose between getting followers or getting likes with an Instagram automation service? A lot of the time, these two things are bundled together, which means that you get features that you don’t necessarily want.

Not with Insta Promoter, though. They let their clients choose either or, or both, if that’s something that you’re interested in. This means that you can focus on growing your follower count before anything else and think about your likes later.

They promise that their features are high quality and that they will render instant results that you can rely on for a long time to come.

28. Kenji


Kenji describes itself as the best Instagram automation service in the industry, and they do have some pretty great client reviews to back this up.

One of the first things you’ll find on their website is a button that says ‘try it for free’ so that you can get to know them before signing up for anything more permanent.

It only takes a few seconds to get started with them, and they optimize their features to suit the individual needs of every client. They offer smart targeting features, and you can use their service on any device, which is a bonus.

29. Buzzoid


How big is your social media marketing budget? If it’s limited, then consider a company like Buzzoid. This automated service for Instagram can help you buy views, likes, and followers for your Instagram account, which means that you can cover all the bases without having to compromise.

This is going to keep your engagement rate nice and balanced so that people don’t think you are buying fake engagement. Once you’ve entered your details, you can make the most of their 24-hour customer support.

There’s a lot to love about this Instagram automated service.

30. ViralRace


Are you someone who likes the idea of being in charge of how quickly or slowly you get your Instagram engagement delivered to you? While there are lots of Instagram automation tools out there that can help you with engagement, there aren’t that many that can speed up or slow down delivery, according to how well your page is growing.

Welcome to ViralRace – the company that lets you choose, and lets you stay in control. In fact, they have a system that detects when you put up a new post, and they will send you through the engagement without you having to do anything.

31. SimplyGram

Simply Gram

How many followers are you hoping to get on Instagram every month? A few hundred? How about 5000? This is how many Simply Gram claims to be able to help you get, which is not a number that anyone wants to turn down in a hurry.

They claim to be the number one organic Instagram automation service, and they offer potential clients a free trial. As well as rapid growth and an increase in social influencer, these guys can offer their clients, advanced filters that will help you find competitors and their community.

If you need an Instagram automation service that is intelligent, check out Simply Gram today.

32. Treefrog Social

Treefrog Social

Treefrog Social stands by their motto, which you’ll see on their homepage – that organic Instagram growth has never been easier. Not only do they have a bunch of services that you can utilize on their website, but they have existing client testimonials that back their features up.

They say that they are an organic social media growth company that is managed by real so that all of your engagement is authentic and genuine.

They have a chatbox on their homepage so that you can get in touch with all the right people, and create a platform that real people are going to fall in love with.

33. IG Clerk

While we talk a lot about safety and security on this list, there aren’t too many Instagram automation tools out there that make this their top priority.

IG Clerk is one of these companies that talks about it from the beginning and puts everything into making sure that their clients are getting real engagement on their content so that they can grow it the right way.

We love that they make sure their features and service are completely compliant with Instagram’s terms and conditions so that you stay safe and have a good time growing your account with all the right people.

34. Mapiac


One of the first things that you might notice about Mapiac is that its prices are a bit on the expensive side. However, this shouldn’t deter you – in fact, it’s a sign that they are a high-quality brand wanting to make a real difference for their clients.

There are lots of Instagram automation bots out there that overprice their services, but Mapiac isn’t one of them. If you’ve got the budget to spare, then we suggest making the most of this company.

They even have a free trial for seven days so that you can get to know them before committing to anything. We think this is a pretty fair deal.

35. Ektora


If you’re someone who is genuinely concerned about the safety of your Instagram account, then Ektora is the right Instagram automation service for you.

In fact, they’re so safe that they are completely undetectable.

They work to mimic real human interaction, so there’s no way that Instagram can work out if you’re using them or not.

They also have a one-off payment system, so there are no ongoing fees for their features.

Their hashtag and username targeting gets your target audience nice and specific so that you can make a real impact with your Instagram account.

They are by far one of the best Instagram automation service options out there.

36. Ampya


Ampya is a service that provides organic growth and engagement.

The concept of organic growth for Instagram isn’t anything new, but it has recently seen renewed popularity due to the growing issues that surround some botting services that are high-risk and unsafe to use.

They provide the expertise and experts in the industry to foster organic growth and development for your business brand on Instagram.

Ampya is ideal for those looking for a solution without specifically buying leads for their social media engagement.

What is an Instagram Bot?

To put it simply, an Instagram bot is a way of delegating those mundane, repetitive social media tasks to an advanced, automated piece of software. The main goal here is to automate your Instagram.

While it’s more about convenience, it’s certainly helpful to have in this day and age when there are so many people using Instagram to try and build their brand.

We think it’s half about convenience and half about staying on top of the competition.
If you’re sick to death of liking and commenting on other people’s posts on social media, then you’re going to want to use an Instagram bot to help you out.

Instagram bots are designed with automation in mind, which means they’re designed to automate all of the interactions that your account executes. This means they can do everything from commenting and liking other people’s posts to just liking to comments that people are leaving on your Content.

Because following and liking other people and their content is a sure-fire way to get someone to follow and like you in return, then this is a great way to execute your engagement in a way that’s fast and efficient.

However, there are certain types of bots out there that are going to get in the way of your account becoming successful, rather than helping it get there.

The Different Types of Bots

As automated actions become more and more commonplace on the internet, there’s more and more that your Instagram bot can now do for you and your page. Most companies group bots together based on the tasks that they can do for you.

Let’s take a look:

  • Automatically follows other people: this is based on the idea that if you follow someone who is in the same industry as you, they’re more likely to follow you and return the favor. This can also help their friends see your page, which can encourage them to follow you as well.
  • Comments and Likes Other’s Posts: commenting on posts that influencers have uploaded in the industry you are targeting is a great way to open up opportunities for you to collaborate with people who have similar interests to you. It also makes your brand or business appear a lot more active online.
  • Comments and Likes Your Posts: when people are checking out your Content and deliberating over whether to leave a comment or not, they could be swayed to do so if they see that other people have already left one. This is called crowd mentality, and it’s a great, easy way to get more people commenting on your posts, which is ultimately going to bring more engagement your way.

There are also some basic bots that simply allow you to schedule your posts in advance through their dashboard. These bots are necessarily designed to help you grow your Instagram, they’re just there to ensure that you are regular and consistent with your Instagram presence.

Your average Instagram bot is going to grow your page in one of two different ways. It can either interact with other Instagram users in the hopes that they return the favor, or it can create a lot of separate mini bots that can help to fill out your follower count a bit more.

Why Do People Invest in a Bot?

When it comes to having a business account on Instagram, some people are doing it right – in fact, there are over 200 million people on Instagram every day that checks out a business Instagram account.

If you have a brand that you’re trying to promote through this app, this means a seemingly endless opportunity to generate sales and new leads – if you have the time to interact with these visitors.

Sadly, the smaller companies out there aren’t connected to a dedicated, committed social media team that can help drive their engagement forward.

Additionally, if you’re busy running all other aspects of the business, then you’re not going to have the hours required every day to do your online networking. Because you’re out there trying to gain new leads and ultimately sales, the thought of commenting and liking other people’s pictures certainly isn’t at the forefront of your mind.

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Using an Instagram bot for this type of interaction means that you can trust software to do this for you automatically so that you can focus on other things.

As you can see, people use Instagram bots to make their lives a lot easier. It’s the same reason that we created the washing machine – we don’t have the time or energy in this day and age to be washing our clothes by hand.

Additionally, bots don’t have to rest or sleep at night, unlike humans. They’re also not going to complain and moan if they aren’t getting enough breaks – because they don’t need any. Bots are there to implement your Instagram engagement strategy around the clock.

If simply don’t have the time to be sitting around and interacting with people who may want to follow you, then using an Instagram bot could be the answer that you’re looking for.

They can also give you a foot in the door when it comes to other people on Instagram, too. They also make it a lot easier for you to upload consistently and have people looking at your Content.

The Benefits of Using an Automated Bot

So, we’ve talked about how Instagram bots can save you time and money, as well as simplifying your Instagram strategy. It can also help you gain more control over the online presence of your brand.

Let’s dig a little deeper and lay out the benefits of using a bot:

  • A Huge Time Saver: while you can always make more money when you operate in the world of business, finding more time is a lot more difficult than many people realize. While Instagram strategies can end up catapulting your business into influencer fame, it can take a lot of effort and time for you to find the perfect one. This is because you have to engage with your followers as well as answer any questions they may have and comment on posts of theirs. This is where an Instagram bot comes in.
  • Producing Content that’s Consistent: if you’re at all familiar with how Instagram strategies usually work, most of them if not all of them begin with great Content. After all, you can’t create an Instagram account and expect people to magically begin following you if you don’t have any content for them to look at.Therefore, the more consistent you are with your Content, the more familiar and relevant your brand is going to feel to your audience. If you use an Instagram bot to automate your upcoming posts, then you can make sure that they are uploaded both regularly and frequently. You can even time your posts to coincide with when most of your audience is online so that they have a greater chance of seeing it.
  • Allows Your Focus to be Elsewhere: using an Instagram bot frees your time up so that you can put it towards other things. Instagram bots are helpful when you need something that’s going to engage with your users around the clock. This leaves the rest of the branding up to you.

The Secure Side of Instagram Bots

While there are disadvantages to using an Instagram bot, the reality is that there are disadvantages to implementing any type of strategy to boost your brand’s online presence.

Additionally, there are ways to make some of your actions automated without putting your brand at risk of being banned on Instagram.

Of course, one of the safest ways to use an Instagram bot is to use it for scheduling your future posts. As we mentioned before, if you want to do well on Instagram these days, it’s not enough to just post great Content – you need to know what time to post as well.

This is why a bot that can schedule your posts for the right time really comes in handy – this way you don’t miss out on peak time for your audience, especially if it’s in the middle of the night.

A bot can also be helpful for setting up automatic messages that can be sent to people who direct message you. It’s a great way to connect initially with people who are interested in your brand so that you can promise to get back to them later when you’ve got a bit of spare time without turning them away.

An Instagram Bot Gives You Exposure

If you’re automating those Instagram interactions, then you’re going to open yourself up to a lot more opportunities for people to organically be seeing your Content. Of course, every person only has a limited amount of time per day that they can spend on Instagram.

However, as we know well now, having engagement and drawing attention to your page is the second step toward gaining a bigger following, coming in close behind great Content.
Engaging with other people on Instagram in different ways, including commenting, following them and liking their Content is the most natural way to extend your exposure.

Of course, the opposite rings true as well – without enough exposure, you’re not going to be found in the very saturated atmosphere that is now Instagram. When you use an Instagram bot, you can get a high level of exposure.

You can think of it as sending lots of letters of invitation to people that you know and don’t know, asking them to come and take a look at your gallery.

Instagram Bots Can Bring You Instant Results

As soon as you bring on an Instagram bot to help with your account, you’re going to get more comments and likes on your Content. You’re also going to get more people following you as well.

Once you attract people’s attention by following or liking them, the vast majority of them are going to be tempted to check out your page in return and even follow you as a result of what they see there.

The result is, of course, an invaluable benefit because you don’t have to wait around to see if your engagement has paid off or not. In fact, you’ll have new people following you on a daily basis, which inadvertently could be a great incentive and motivation for you to keep creating more amazing Content for your new followers to see.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what it’s like to experience success on Instagram, all you need to do is keep up with the great Content so that your growth keeps on growing.

Instagram Bots Can Bring You Genuine Followers that are Engaged

It is easy to make the assumption that quick results come from buying your Instagram followers.

However, there is quite a big difference between the followers that are bought and the one that finds your page through an Instagram bot. When you purchase your followers, you are purchasing a set number to be delivered to your account. This means that the accounts that follow you are either going to be fake or inactive users.

In contrast, when you automate your engagement, the followers that you receive as a result as active, real people who were invited through interaction and interest in their own Content to visit your page.

Because of this, they have found your Content interesting enough to follow your page. This means that they are engaged, relevant followers who are not only going to follow you now, but they’re going to interact with future posts that you upload.

Instagram Bots Save You a Lot of Time

One of the best parts of automating your Instagram engagement is that you get people visiting and following your account, without it taking up any extra time.

Instead of being on your phone all day and leaving comments and likes for other people online, you can use that time in a much more productive way in regards to the rest of your business.

Every good influencer wants to make the most of this time and create Content that is going to be attractive and high quality. You want to amaze not only your existing fans but your new ones as well.

Why Is Nobody Talking About Bots?

There’s something you need to know about Instagram bots if you’re going to use one, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why you don’t hear people talking about them.

While they’re a huge time saver when it comes to your Instagram engagement, they do have a bad reputation attached to them. This is because a lot of bots out there actually go against Instagram’s terms and conditions, which are pretty strict around using a third party for your promotion.

Because a lot of them breach the terms and conditions of Instagram’s service, you do risk being suspended or banned by Instagram – which, of course, is not what you want.

However, there are ways to get around this, and it all begins with using an Instagram bot in the right way. If you do, then your interactions online are going to look organic and natural, which means you’ll stay out of trouble with Instagram.

If the technology is there and it’s been made to make your life easier, why not take advantage of it?

How to Use an Instagram Bot

The key to using an Instagram bot to your advantage is to create a plan that’s going to keep you in line with Instagram’s terms and conditions. Let’s take a look at how to do this:


The more targeted your automation is on Instagram, the less likely you are to get in trouble for it. The best Instagram bots out there are going to let you set up super-specific targeted filters that can determine where and who they target. There are a number of ways that an Instagram bot can target your potential audience.

These include:

  • Accounts: bots can focus on followers that fall into a certain account category. For example, if you give them a list of your competitors, they can target them and their audience for you.
  • Location: only allowing the bot to target people that are located in certain parts of your city, country, or even the world.
  • Hashtags: only targeting accounts that use specific hashtags relevant to your niche.
  • Characteristics: there are other filters that bots can use, including follower counts, gender, the number of posts a person has, and language.

Keep to the Rules

If you don’t want to see your account get banned, you need to stick to Instagram’s rules around third parties.

Let’s take a look at some of the rules that Instagram wants you to abide by when engaging with others on their app:

  • Speed: if you’re following and then quickly unfollowing hundreds of accounts every day and you’ve only been on Instagram for a hot minute, then the social media giant is going to start having its suspicions. This is why we recommend setting your Instagram bot to start out slowly, while gradually increasing the engagement speed over time, so it appears a lot more natural.
  • Relevance: we don’t recommend just following anyone and everyone randomly. You’ve got to stick to your niche if you want to grow a successful following and be approved by Instagram. The more filters you use to target the right people, the more authentic your engagement is going to look in the eyes of Instagram.
  • Activity: it’s important not only to get really specific with your targeting, but you also want only to target the profiles of people who are regularly uploading Content. Targeting inactive accounts is a huge red flag for Instagram, so the people that you aim for need to have a minimum amount of posts already uploaded on their page.
  • Presence: it’s vital to still interact with your existing audience while your Instagram bot does the external engagement. If you’re staying off Instagram completely and just leaving it up to automation, then Instagram could start to look your way and potentially ban you for spammy behavior. You still need to reply to comments on your Content, as well as direct messages that your followers send you.
  • Content: of course, the amount of engagement you get on your profile and feed is going to be determined by how good your Content is. If you’re just automating your engagement but putting zero effort into creating great Content, Instagram is going to wonder why you’re using their app at all. Your best chance at growing a successful Instagram is to have an Instagram bot do the automation while you work hard at creating more high-quality content.

What Do We Mean By an Engaged Audience?

Playing the Instagram game can be harder than it seems, and those successful influencers that you see on there didn’t get to where they are without putting some hard work in.

An engaged audience is a group of people who actually care about what you post, and this is the number one thing that is making these influencers so successful.

Think of it this way: what’s the point of growing a large following if the people that are following you aren’t taking any notice of your content?

While it may be easy to buy your followers and get that number higher than what it is, unfortunately, this doesn’t determine the value of your content. While at first glance, your Instagram may look like it’s doing great, it won’t take long for potential followers to see that your Content isn’t doing so well.

An engaged audience is a group of people that not only want to follow your account, but also want to regularly check out your uploads and interact with your Content.

The name of the game here is creating a loyal following that is going to benefit from following you, just as you are benefiting from them being loyal to you.

The last thing anyone wants is to have people following their brand who aren’t even interested in the product – this isn’t going to generate any sales or new leads. An Instagram bot can help you with that engagement rating so that your Content reflects the number of followers that you have.

Thoughts Regarding Instagram Automation Tools

Building a business, online or offline, is time-consuming and requires much effort.

It is not uncommon for a business to take between one and five years to start experiencing decent profit. It is rare for any business to become a huge success overnight, even for those that seem to happen that way.

Daily activity on Instagram and social media is essential nowadays due to the need to be available to your customers and potential customers to address their questions and concerns about your products or services.

People like it when a company responds quickly to their comments and questions on social media. It is beneficial to your credibility and reputation online. It is in this kind of interaction that builds trust in your brand.

Working tirelessly on their own was once the status quo for business owners. Not every business owner had family and friends who had the time or desire to fully provide support to them. The same is somewhat true today, which is why many people look for Instagram automation tools to save time and money.

Whether you use these Instagram automation tools or not, Instagram and social media, in general, are likely essential to the growth of your business. Ever since the days of Instagress (R.I.P), experts agree that Instagram bots & Instagram automation tools help make the process faster, easier, and more efficient & effective for your business.

Save yourself some time and sign up for an Instagram automation tool this year.

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8 Replies to “36 Best Instagram Automation Tools, Software & Bots (2024)

  1. What’s the most budget-friendly option out of the organic services? I know they aren’t cheap and I can’t really afford anything fancy. I’ve been buying followers and likes now and then but safety is becoming more of a concern now that I’m using it to grow my business. Are there any risks involved with using organic growth tools?

  2. Tommy, I’m just curious what would you consider to be your non-negotiable when it comes to an instagram automation service? Like what is something you would never want to compromise on, something that you would really steer you away from purchasing such product? And perhaps the opposite, what would you want the most from a product that would entice you enough to go for this instagram automation service? Just curious! Would love to know your thoughts.

  3. Thanks for the detailed guide. I’ve just been looking for a guide like this for 2019. It’s kinda hard to know which services to use because the trends seem to change every couple of months. I’ve been trying to find the most current info and all that Google found seemed to be from a year ago. This will be very helpful!

  4. Looks like FanBump is on top of the list once again. I’ve been using regular automation bots until now but I’m considering switching to FanBump sometime in the future. It’s really tempting to try out an organic growth tool for once. I was just wondering how quickly will I see results with a tool like this?

  5. I personally prefer Plan My Post because it’s simple and does the job. Regular content with the right hashtags is pretty much all I do to attract new followers. I think that it provides better quality followers because you’re not just getting a complimentary follow back but the person actually made an effort to look at your profile and decided to follow.

  6. Hey Alicia! I had very similar situation and decided to finally spend some money for organic followers. I used the service called *REMOVED*, I was very skeptical at the beginning, because they promise too much at the first sight. However, with 1 month subscription I got around 2000 followers, all of them are organic. I didn’t really need to check if they are organic or not, because people started genuinely asking questions about my products in the comments and DM. I personally don’t consider it pricey, because it’s not all about followers, but you also get many bonuses like sophisticated metrics, auto posting and so on. Their customer support is also great, answering pretty specific questions under 1 hour. So yeah, can definitely recommend that one. However, I haven’t used nothing else, so don’t know about how it compares to similar services. It was recommended to me by a friend.
    All the best!

  7. I see many people who invest money in robots and automated services to build your Instagram page. Let me tell you something, Instagram is not everything, there are many other apps that can help you to build your brand or if you are a blogger, to get sponsored campaigns.

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